The words have been changed on us. We have been lied to, yet again. Did you know the word, “Racism” didn’t exist 200 years ago? Racism did not exist. Racism has been around since the 1930’s. RACISM DIDN’T EVEN EXIST.

Today we have “Racism” burned into us on a minute by minute basis. Blacks are good at basketball? Racist. Blacks are bad at basketball? Racist. 80% of players in the NBA are black? Black people must be good at basketball… Nope, racism.

IT DIDN’T EXIST TWO HUNDRED YEARS AGO. The left is destroying our ability to even talk about certain things. We aren’t allowed to discuss the idea of differences between cultures or ethnicities. It’s all classified as, “Racism”. Don’t you see what’s happened?

We have been led astray, and the, “Church” isn’t helping. They are going right along with it. Observing reality isn’t, “Racism” it’s called, “Discrimination” and discrimination is a good thing. Look it up in the 1828 dictionary.

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