When did it become un-Christian to carry a weapon? It became un-Christian when the Church was invaded by feminism. All things masculine have been purged from the modern Church, that includes the ability to protect. Women don’t protect, that’s something men do. Christians no longer do it.

Men have failed to be men in America. We are not prepared to protect the innocent around us. We are not prepared to act in a situation that needs us. We just simply are not prepared to be men at all. This has to change.

Wake up MEN, grab your stones are start being men. If your Church doesn’t allow you to carry a weapon to protect those there, then perhaps it’s time to find a new Church. Being a man is necessary, God made you a man for a reason.

Christianity is not a religion. Christianity is a lifestyle. It is a way of living that is Christian. Everything you do is Christian, not just following forms, but BEING a follower of CHRIST!

Hey, Pass the Salt.