Show opens with singing a Buffalo Springfield show.  Coach is expelling what he’s full of.  The crazy stuff that is going on is demonically driven.

7:03 – Coach sees desperation on the side of the God hating Left.

7:05 – Coach talks about his Antifa counter protest.  There was no protest.  It was a false flag to “prove” that the good guys are nuts.

7:08 – Is the Texas shooting an MKUltra?  Satan is very busy.  What is it that brings out such deep-seated anger against righteousness and preaching on the streets.

7:10 – How deep and dark must darkness really be?  The clash of the two kingdoms is more visible than ever.  The assault on America is intensifying.  There is something spiritual, something big, is going down right now.  We can’t fully understand it.  The enemy is being driven to desperation.

7:12 – Why is Donna Brazil turning on Hillary?

7:13 – Two victories this weekend.  All the abortion clinics in Indianapolis were closed on Saturday because Christians were storming the gates of hell.  At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow.  Just as the Holy Spirit uses me Satan and demons use other people.  We always lead with love when rebuke is required.   Christians must stop doing that.  The gospel and relationship begins with brokenness … repentance.

7:16 – Godly sorrow is where change begins.  We need to see what is inside of us before change can really happen.  Can’t lead with greasy, gracey love.  The law is the schoolmaster that leads to Christ.

7:17 – Pastor Dale stands at the back door and vets everyone who comes through the door … responding to the shooting in Texas.  The shooter was a full-blown atheist.  There are a lot of people who hate Christians.  Coach thinks that a man should be at the door of every church with a big gun.  We’re at war.

7:20 – Only the remnant has the capacity to stand up and fight for righteousness.

7:22 – Update on the Texas activities.  Chad has 28 people registered for an event this weekend in Texas.  A year ago nobody showed up at the first meeting.  We must tear down the false church and build the real church.  Christians are afraid of the dark.  They don’t want to really do anything.

7:24 – Chat mentioned a Hagmann program where a man talked about guarding innocence with an AR.

7:26 – A shepherds job is to protect the innocent, the sheep.  The shepherds staff is used to drive out the wolves.

7:29 – Early Protestant preachers in America were armed.  The men were armed and they were mindful of how to protect the innocent.  We’ve got to go back.

7:30 – James 2:13.

7:32 – George Barna findings.  73 percent of Americans say they are Christians.  Much fewer Americans practice their faith.  Barna says that a practicing Christian is one who goes to church at least once a month.  Only one in three adults fall into this category.  Almost half of all adults are what Barna calls post Christian.  America is churched to death.  People have heard the religion, but they don’t believe the gospel.  Only seven percent of America are Christians.  Fifty four percent of people who self-identify as “Christian” don’t feel an obligation to share their faith with others.

7:43 – Larry suggests that the gospel has not been presented in most “churches.”  He talks about the woman who broke the alabaster flask over Jesus.  You cannot give only a piece of yourself to Jesus.  You have to give it all.  You have to empty yourself out.

7:45 – Coach takes a look at Barna’s classifications of Christians.

7:48 – Chronicling the sins of America.  Most Americans are not born again.  The false gospel is very strong in our churches.

7:52 – Sun Tzu is mentioned, along with an article by Dave Hodges.  We’re more conservative than we are Christian.  Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity define morality for Christians, not the pastor.  Churhes don’t talk about current events because most Christians believe it is wrong to talk about religion and politics.

7:55 – Why isn’t Coach allowed on FoxNews?  The pastors are fighting to contain the truth.  That is why Coach and people who believe as he does are silenced … or contained … inside the church.

7:58 – Coach is going to speak in two public schools this week.  This isn’t his first time at either of these schools.  He’s being invited back.  He preaches the gospel and they invite him back.  Christian students say they’ve never heard anything like Coach.

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