Christians Looking the Other Way | Coach Dave Live | 1-14-2020

Coach opened the show asking when the revolutionary war ended.  It never ended.  We never completely cut ties with the Crown.  They are trying to tell us A story not THE story.

Coach then talked about upcoming events.  See the links below.

“You are Johnny Appleseed.” Said Coach.  “How many of you have had your eyes opened by something you’ve heard here?  You need to tell others about what we are learning here.”  We need to be out actively looking for men.

Teachers know that the public-school system is broken.  Coach asked, “If you are working in that system and you know it is broken do you have an obligation to say something?”  What is your obligation as a Christian?  “Is it to look the other way?” Asked Coach.

It’s more important to get an expensive education than it is to be moral.  A man in the Huddle observed that America is around 31st in the world on education.  “What are we so proud of?” He asked.  What would the Lord say to us.  Does he want us to be moral or educated?

“Would we have the welfare state we have if we taught morality?” Coach asked.  “Would we have the government we have if we taught morality?”  There is no morality in public schools.  We have been taught to be passive Christians.  We allow them to rob us to pay for teaching that we don’t agree with.

Coach shared an article from the blog “Kerux Replies.”  See link below.

“What is the culture of the public schools?” Coach asked.  “Can two walk together lest they agree?”  If we don’t have a nation where we share a common view of morality.  We are raising up children who despise the values of their grandfathers.  The Church allowed all of this to happen.

“Why aren’t we fighting with the government to provide a Christian focused school?” Coach asked.  “Where is the Church?  The government is using our tax dollars to teach this evil to our children.”

Some parents think they are sending their kids into the schools to be “salt and light.”  Coach asked, “Oh yea.  Where are you?  What are you doing Mr. Parent to spread the gospel in the school.”

We’ve met the enemy and he is us.  We are our own worst enemy when we pay people to teach what we don’t believe.  “We are the greatest of hypocrits!” Declared Coach.

Public schools are designed to centralize propaganda.

Robert Klous read from his devotional.  See the link below.

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