Hey Folks, American Christmas is destroying Christianity. The idea we have of Christmas has been infected by the idea that Jesus is just a baby and he is cuddly and loving. We permeate the idea of Jesus in the manger as the Jesus of Christianity. Think about it, think about it in your own life. What is your view of Jesus at Christmas?

There are examples in Luke and Matthew that refer to the birth of Jesus, but it is a tiny part of the story. The other side of the story is that the Wise Men were TERRIFIED when the glory of God was shown to them by the Angel. They were terrified of the Lord Almighty. It wasn’t just, “Oh… He was such a good baby!!”.

From the moment Jesus was born, he was under attack. Herod killed COUNTLESS CHILDREN, because of Jesus’ birth. The demons did not want Jesus to live, and his birth brought CALAMITY to the world. He did not bring happiness and incense for everyone on earth.

There is so much more to the birth of Jesus Christ than a baby in a manger. Jesus was born onto a battlefield, and the demons tried to kill Him from day 1.

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