The greatest lie that has been told to us in the last 100 years is the separation of Church and State.

What is Church? The Church is a group of believers who have Jesus Christ as the King over their lives. He is their Lord, the forgiver of their sins, and the savior of their life. That is the Church.

What is State? The State is not the Federal government. The State is literally the States. What State do you live in? Maine? Ohio? Connecticut? Those are States.

The people are governed by the STATE, NOT the federal government. There is a separation between Church and State. This means the Church cannot compel you to become Christian, it doesn’t mean Christian morality is worthless. It doesn’t mean we don’t make Christian laws. America is a Christian nation. We have Christian laws, and the separation of Church and State only means that the Church or STATE cannot COMPEL you to believe in a certain denomination in Christianity. The federal government isn’t even in the picture.

Hey, remember to Pass the Salt.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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