A group of us went to Westerville, Ohio to the Democrat debate in Ohio the other night. On the stage at Otterbein College were the clowns.

Saw many “media” stars.  Skinny jean betas.  Tattooed dykes without their bikes. Old liberal “experts” we see on CNN who were dressed in self-importance. They felt uncomfortable out with the serfs.

The supporters of the Left were a collection of special interest groups bused in from who knows where…miscreants…freaks…commies…baby killers…witches…for real. I was there. Saw it with my own eyes.

Young kids…twenty some-things.  Socialists.  America haters. The fruits of government education.  Stupid chants.  “This is what democracy looks like.”  Poor civics..

“Love trumps hate.”  If so, why is the Left so hateful?  Sex is not love and love is not sex.

There was NOT ONE candidate on stage that will stand up for babies. Yet many of my Catholic friends vote for them because their father was a Demoncrat.

Group think. Worse than the race baiters. Claiming to be prolife and voting for baby murderers.

The TRUTH sounds like hate to those who hate the Truth.

Let the name calling begin. Slander is all they have in their arsenal. I don’t hate anyone…I just love TRUTH.

Pass the Salt!

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