We were in the den of iniquity this weekend. It was the homo pride parade in Columbus, Ohio. This is an evil place folks. There were demon possessed people everywhere. We had 22 men and women show up to tell these people the Truth, and they DID NOT want to hear it. That means we were in the right spot.

Black Lives Matter showed up to try and stop the parade, who would figure? The police came and squashed them like a bug. Remember, nobody fights the homo agenda. Let me repeat that, nobody fights the homo agenda. Not Black Lives Matter, not Christians, nobody.

What is the Church’s answer? Just give the love of Jesus. Guess what, they were singing, “Jesus Loves Me”. They don’t need the love of Jesus. They need the Truth. The Truth that they are wicked and need to repent of their prideful, selfish ways to have any hope of salvation.

Wake up Church. WAKE UP! You are doing nothing while everything around us falls apart. You are allowing sin to abound unopposed in any way. Wake up and FIGHT for righteousness for your sake, your children’s sake, and most importantly, God’s sake.

Hey, don’t forget to Pass the Salt.

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