The remnant is rising in America and there are 750 of them in Dallas Texas. They are there to hear the truth. They aren’t hearing the truth in Church. They aren’t hearing the truth in the greater culture. The only place these men can hear the truth is at the, “Hear the Watchmen” conference.

4% of millennials have a Biblical worldview. Although, 33% claim to be, “A born again Christian.” Where is the disconnect? Well, for one thing, 65% of adults 30 and younger believe homosex marriage is good. 43% of adults over 30 believe homosex is good. People who claim to be Christian aren’t. Remember that.

Christians fail to explain why behavior matters. Why should Christians act this way? The reason they can’t explain it is because they don’t know. We should do it because Jesus Christ said it, and beyond that understand the moral consequences of disobeying God.

Pastors are building their own kingdom. They aren’t building God’s kingdom. As you go to Church, take a real close look at whose kingdom is being built, and if it isn’t Jesus’ kingdom, it isn’t Christian.

Don’t forget to Pass the Salt.

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