God is in charge, but not in control. He is in charge of the playing field, but the players are still playing out the game. The rules of the game have already been established, we are just playing the best we can. Realize that God holds all the cards, but he doesn’t always play them. He allows room for choices to be made and mistakes to be made, because that is how we learn.

We look for judgement, but there is none. It is a sign of a failed society when there is no judgement. Yet we are told by the God haters, “Who are you to judge!?”. If you read Isaiah, we are who is supposed to judge. You cannot have mercy without judgement. If people do not recognize they have sinned, why would they need to be saved? You cannot receive forgiveness until you admit you are guilty.

Where is shame? Shame has been taken out of our culture entirely. Nobody is shamed. When was the last time you’ve heard the term, “Shame on you!”. You never hear it. Shame is a motivator for good behavior. Upholding a standard, and when you don’t meet it being called out, is a good thing. It is necessary. Holding up players who didn’t do well enough makes them realize their failure. We need shame and we need standards to hold men to.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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