Corona Prepping | Coach Dave Live | 1-27-2020

The show opened with Coach wishing the show’s producer, Jared, a happy birthday.  He is 31 years old today.  The corona virus is something to be concerned about.  “Where did it come from?”  Asked Coach.  “Are there vaccinations waiting at the end of this thing?”

Seventy million people are quarantined in China.  “It would not surprise me to see the government starting to shut things down in America in a short period of time.” Said Coach.  “What is going to happen to the food on the shelves on the local grocery stores.”

You need to have some food at your house.  Coach went over being prepared for a crisis.  See the article link below.  “I’m not afraid of the virus.  I’m afraid of what dark actors will do to capitalize on the fear.” Observed Coach.  The Huddle discussed news related to the corona virus.  See the Steve Quayle link below.

Coach talked about Megan Markle and how she poisoned the bloodline.  On a show last week Coach talked about how Markle is not from royalty.  Coach got a lot of blow back in his email last week.  He went over the British royal line.  See the link below.

The Huddle discussed the Presidential campaign of Mayor Pete Buttigieg and the satanic deception that he represents.  For context Coach presented ideas from Genesis 3.  Coach said, “Mayor buttplug uses the Bible to deceive people.  He quotes it out of context to deceive.”

Robert Klous shared from his devotional “Finder Keepers.”  See the link below.

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