• Cowardice Christian Church. Sunday morning Christian concerts isn’t working while the world is crushing baby skulls and transgenders are reading to your kids in the libraries. Abortion protesters are being beat up across the nation while cowardice Christian churches aren’t being salt and light.
  • Very few churchgoers know the power of the supernatural.
  • One of the most heartbreaking things is looking around at retirees in Florida, living meaningless lives. So many people get to their mid-60’s existing for self-gratification. What about your opportunity to minister to your children and grandchildren? Still chasing the American dream.
  • I’m not sure I would send my kids to college if I had college aged kids, today. Secular colleges are requiring a statement of faith, including a “diversity” statement. Promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion is a requirement for professors in universities. Promoting these ideas is inseparable from becoming a tenured professor.The odds of any of your children receiving a Christian education in universities, is zero percent. Even Christian colleges are selling out to worldly philosophy. They should put a label on the college warning: If you come here, you’re going to die broke, and your faith is a terrible thing to waste.
  • Obama’s birth certificate issue is getting attention again. Will this be his final undoing?
  • When you go to the streets I can guarantee one thing: The police do not know the law. If you educate yourself, and stay on the offensive, you will win all the arguments. You can also say, “Do you want to get sued? Do you want your name in lights over my rights?” Watch today’s show to see Matt Wiersema, a street minister, being confronted by a rent-a-cop at a local church, and how he handles it.

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