Synergy.  I experienced synergy yesterday. I was listening to a video on my walk, by Steve on “Think About It.” I thought he was my brother after hearing some of the stuff he said. I got in my car and there was an email from Steve, the very guy I was listening to. He didn’t know I was listening to him, but here was the email. Steve said he just watched some of my videos and called me his brother.

Please pray that Coach and Michele’s grand baby would come naturally and not have to be induced. Pray for Todd Barham and others in this huddle who need healing.

Update on Todd in Texas. His pneumonia will not clear up. They did a biopsy on fungal pneumonia. Todd’s life is hanging in the balance. Let’s continue to go to the Lord. So many people are getting cancer and other serious sicknesses. Is this a spirit of infirmity? Luke 13 speaks of a spirit of infirmity, causing people to be sick for years and years. Evil spirits can cause physical malady. Demons can cause affliction.

Ephesians 6 says our struggle is not against flesh and blood. Sickness attaches to flesh and blood. The Bible is clear that our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers of this dark world and the heavenly realm. We are not to overemphasize the power of demons. God is greater.

Do you heal a spirit or cast a spirit out? We don’t have to try to figure it out. Ask for God’s will. God instructed  us how to pray. Pray, “Thy will be done.”

Spiritual wisdom vs. medical knowledge. Our faith can touch and heal. 1 Corinthians 12 – there are 9 manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Two of them is the discerning of spirits and we can speak against us, and the gifts of healing. That’s another manifestation. We can speak the healing over people; walking in the manifestations of the Spirit.

Critical thinking. Ask who, what, where, when, why and how? Think. Take current events and ask hard questions. Simple questions. Who benefits? When would this cause a problem? Why is ___ a challenge? Why is this the best or worst thing that could happen?  How does this benefit others?

Book of Enoch talks about the coming of the Savior. Before the book of Genesis was written. Enoch was born way before Moses. Moses transcribed God’s words and wrote Genesis. Enoch 5 is why Enoch was removed from the Bible the last few hundred years.

So much of God’s detail is written in Enoch. It exposes the fallen angels, demonic behavior in the earth, and more. The devil knows the less we know, the more ignorant we are. The Book of Enoch was accepted by the early Church. Are we open to learning what is in the book of Enoch? Why would it hurt us to learn everything we can about the history of God’s people?

There’s no doubt in my mind is that God wants us to know Him powerfully. The apostle, Paul, didn’t want us to be ignorant about the people of history. The Book of Enoch is making a come back. The book of Daniel says that Daniel was to shut up the knowledge until the end times.

We are either being protected or deceived. What is the purpose of why we are being either? Why would we  not want to know the answers to questions? What do we have to lose? We know Christ. We are secure. We need to understand the data. We need to fill ourselves with truth, to give everyone an answer, who asks us.

When you don’t use the gifts, talents and knowledge you have, God will take even that away. God is straightforward with the truth. Satan wants to deceive us.

If Satan can convince the world that Earth is not a special place, then he can convince us of UFOs, and other untruths.

The fallen angels did come down and mate with women who gave birth to giants. The Book of Enoch 6 tells us that 200 fallen angels came and mated with women. When the giants died, their spirits did not die in the flood, or otherwise. They roam the earth.

So, what is an unclean spirit? Enoch 9 gives the picture of depravity. More chapters teach us what the evil taught women. Chapter 15 shows God’s judgment on the giants. Evil spirits proceeded from their bodies. They shall be evil spirits on the earth. On the earth is their dwelling. They take no food but hunger and thirst. They will rise up against women and children.

3000 years before Genesis was written, was Enoch.

Enoch 15 – “Say to the watchers of heaven, you ought to pray for men and not men pray for you.” The angels came down and defiled themselves by laying with women and corrupted by human blood. These angels polluted themselves with women. They have lusted in the blood of men. They acted like men and like pigs. The men die and perish. I’ve given men and women physical bodies who bear physical babies. But the spirits who came down as angels, they became evil spirits. They were created from above and came down. This is where evil spirits came from.

Why are we afraid of learning about this, even if the Book of Enoch is not part of the biblical canon. Most of Christianity accepts the writings of Josephus and others. Why wouldn’t they not accept the Book of Enoch?

Ask the hard questions. Don’t be afraid of thinking, even if the pastor doesn’t want you to ask and think! Critical thinking. You have to study to show yourself approved.

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