The Tribulation and End Times prophecy is important. The real question is, why should we do anything if it’s all over? Why should we try and save people or things, if it’s the end? Well, in the Bible Jesus says to, “Occupy” until his return. We are to keep moving and fighting, regardless of the end. If anything, it should make us even more urgent in our lives confronting evil and spreading the gospel.

We all start somewhere. There are things in the Kingdom of God that are learnable. You don’t start out has a star quarterback. You train and become stronger to do things. That may be healing, casting out demons, or something else. These things are teachable and learnable through discipleship and the Holy Spirit over time.

Many of our problems are Demon problems. The last thing Christians think about when there are issues in their lives are demonic influence. It is the first thing to consider when confronting life problems.

You cannot command the flesh out, you must repent of the flesh. You cannot repent a demon out, you must command them out. In dealing with the two sides of sin, demonic influence and the flesh, there are different modes of dealing with it. When you are fighting an addiction, this is most likely a stronghold for a demon. They latch on to it and give that fleshly desire more power over you. Repentance breaks the bond from the demons hold, and purifies you.

Christians destroy fleshly desires. The spirit has power over the flesh. Those addictions, those desires do not have power over you. The Holy Spirit in you have power over it. You have been loosed from the power and control of the flesh. You are now empowered to live above the flesh and sin and death. You are destined to live free from sin and death.

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