How does a demon come into a child? This can happen generationally. It is called a familiar spirit. Also, the world of gaming and fantasy books are extremely dangerous. More doors into the soul are opening, and for children without any armor or even knowledge of God, there is no defense from the attacks of the Devil.

The doorways for the devil are opened by following the flesh long enough. This can be anger, actual occult worship, or any other continuing sin. This then becomes a stronghold of the devil, and your willpower is weakened in this area, and the Devil is stronger in his influence over you.

What are the fiery darts of the Devil? They are involuntary thoughts and feelings. Those are the darts of the Devil. When these darts start hitting, you must seek Christ.

What is Hell? There are many different terms for Hell in the Bible. Valley of Henna, the Lake of Fire, Hades, among others. Each of these terms are different meanings and terms describing Hell. They aren’t all the same thing.

The only way a Demon can affect the natural world is by coming into the world through a person. It requires being invited into a person, and possessing them. They can influence humans to act certain ways, these are the darts of the Devil. The only way they can have a direct interaction with the world, is through a human body in possession.

Temptation is not sin. Sin is a process. Once tempted, when you own the temptation and start allowing it to marinade in your mind and through action, then it becomes sin.

Reprobation is when you are given up. There is an alteration in the personality, the person is so given up into sin that their very being is corrupted.

When Christ enters you, a new nature is given to you. You become a different person. You have different operating instructions. You are, truly, a different person. You become free from sin and death. You are free from the sin nature of man. Until Christ comes in, you are living within the sin nature.

You can be free from the addiction of the flesh. Repent, truly repent, deeply repent, turn from your wicked ways, exercise spiritual discipline through fasting, and surrender your life to the lordship of Jesus Christ.

And don’t forget, Pass the Salt.

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