There is a spiritual shift happening in Washington. We may pick apart Trump, but look at who hates him still. The left, democrats, Satanists. They are the ones who still hate Trump. Why? The enemy of mine enemies is my friend, this is something to consider when looking at Trump. He is clearly the enemy of our enemies. There is a spiritual shift happening in our country’s capitol, and the demons do not like it.

A demonic presence can take over in a crowd. This is what we see in this world as riots. These people open to the local demonic influence and you begin to be affected by that presence. You know it, when you are in an area there is a, “mood” to the crowd. You can feel it. This is spiritual warfare and it is a spiritual presence. Be aware and be ready.

If you know you are going into an event where demons may be present, perform pre-emptive prayer. Cover the area with prayer and the blood of Jesus. Then speak the gospel. There is power in the Kingdom of God, real power. It has a real effect on people and being prepared by putting on the armor beforehand affects the outcomes.

The gospel is real. The gospel is powerful. The Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and know God.  Jesus Christ died so that you CAN know God, that’s the whole point. That is the good news! We can know God, and we do it through His son Jesus. What an amazing time to live!

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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