Coach starts by speaking about the electoral college vote. Yesterday Trump won out against the media’s attempt to derail is election, once again. He maintained his strong electoral college votes and shows that the American people aren’t paying attention to the mainstream media.

After that Coach and Russ start discussing MK Ultra’s and mind control in general. There are over 10 million mind controlled individuals in the United States. They have been created since the 1940’s on a CIA program called, “Monarch”. This program has roots in the Nazi investigation into mind control and creating a super race.

Mind control has two components. There is the spiritual side and the fleshly side. The spiritual side the person has demons insert themselves into the gaps of personality. In the fleshly side the personality itself is broken into pieces. The person becomes multiple people. Some of these people are capable of violence, others suicide, other’s infiltration, and so-on.

There are some of these people in every state, they are everywhere. They are the Devil’s army and they will create chaos when the time is right. Prepare your mind, soul, and body to stand for righteousness and defend the Kingdom of God.