Today Coach has demon expert Russ Dizdar on the show. Russ has been on the front lines of the spiritual battle for 40 years. He has cast out hundreds of demons from people. He has a deep understanding of demonology and spiritual warfare.

Coach and Russ discuss the modern church. Why does the modern church not speak about spiritual warfare? Why don’t they accept ALL of the Bible instead of just the happy parts? Russ goes into his views on the Church, and his ministry and what an actual Christian ministry should look like.

Russ talks on pedophilia and the pedophile rings in the United States. He speaks about how deep the evil goes. We are surrounded by pedophiles, SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse), and Satanism. Each pedophile abuser has upwards of 250 victims. This, over generations, results in a massive amount of sexually confused and emotionally destroyed people.

Coach and Russ talk about the effect that observing satanic rituals, like the Super bowl halftime show, has on the individual. These sorts of things aren’t really for the public. They are for those who know what it is about. The people who recognize it for what it is are the extremes. There are the Satan worshippers who understand it, and there are the real Christians who understand it. Each side sees it for what it is, the people in the middle are just lost sheep.

Don’t be a lost sheep. Pass the Salt.

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