The Scripture stands alone. When Melania Trump read the words of Jesus Christ, she preached to the whole world. The word of God, in any form it takes, is powerful in its own right. Christians tear Melania Trump up and pick her apart about her faith, accent, and everything else under the sun. Look at the log in your own eye.

The scripture is the playbook for us to see reality through. God gave us the scriptures to understand what is going on around us and to give us the definition of His reality. When you study, and learn more of the scriptures, you learn more of the battlefield we live in. Christians today don’t grasp that the spiritual realm is real. It is real, folks.

Christians are the ones on the field. There is a battle between God and Satan, we are the warriors on the ground level. The fight is larger than us, but we are still a part of it. Demons are everywhere, the flesh is always waiting, we put to death the misdeeds of the flesh. Once God lives in you, you have power over the spirit realm, and temptation.

Oppression happens anytime, anyplace. When you are oppressed by demons it feels as though God just isn’t there. The joy of the Lord is far away. There are three things to do to defeat demonic oppression. Stay in the presence of the Lord and quote the word of God, rebuke the enemy until he leaves, and ask God what is happening. This is called, “Clearing the Air”.

The war is real, the battle is raging, get in the fight. Pass the Salt.

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