Can music be demonic? Yes. Music, as with worship of God, is a form of communication. As such it is filled with the power of its user. Whether that be of righteousness or for evil. When you hear righteous music, the Lord is lifted up. When you hear satanic music, the opposite is true.

There are levels to the demonic and spiritual realm. In Ephesians, we are told of, “Principalities and Powers”. There are four different types that encompass this idea. The, “Ascended Masters”, these are the new age type of person/demon. Then there are rulers, who rule over nations. There are, “Those that have authority” these are geographically located. Lastly, there is the spirit of, “Pornography, wickedness, and evil.”

When Christians do nothing, we allow the cultism and Satanism to prosper. Out of 900 churches in Ohio, there are maybe 5-6 that pray and do deliverance from demons. 6 out of 900 who are waging war against Satan.

Christianity is a religion of faith AND practice. Prayer is only useful when it is done by someone who is walking with God. The prayer of the righteous availeth much. As Christians we have to BE holy, not just repent of our sins every day and call it good.

BE righteous through Jesus Christ. Pass the Salt.

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