Drugs and pharmacology aren’t merely a physical problem. Any drugs or addictive mind altering substances are doorways for Satan. When kids get involved in marijuana, that is a gateway drug to other drugs. It is also a gateway for demons. When your mind is altered, and when you become fleshly dependent on these things, it opens you up to demonic influence. Even if you raise your kids right, it is happening to your children.

Parents need to be aware of what their children are doing. Satan is always at work. He uses phones, entertainment, anything he can get his hands on to use against us. Know that you may be raising your kids in a, “Christian” home, but they are being influenced heavily by their friends to do evil. It is everywhere.

The Nephilim are real. They are spoken about even by the Indians. There are things called, “Nephilim” mounds that the Indians say, “That area belongs to the giants.” God has spoken about these giants and what it means when they start showing up.

When we mess with the DNA God is not happy. “As it was in the days of Noah” is what the Bible says about the end times. Well, in the days of Noah the DNA was messed with, debauchery ran rampant, and evil was everywhere. We are messing with the DNA, debauchery is running rampant, and evil is everywhere. Hmmm, sounds kind of like the days of Noah.

Jesus Christ is the only way to be a, “Perfect” human. You must humble yourself, and seek God’s face. Repent of those wicked ways, and follow Jesus leadership to truly be free and a better man.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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