The Ohio Mounds are associated with the Indians who live in Ohio. They were said to have created the mounds. This is ridiculous. Glenn Beck actually finds out that the same exact angles used in the construction of the Pyramids are used in the Ohio Mounds. There were Hebrew tablets in the Ohio mounds. This means these mounds are very ancient, and having been written in Hebrew, would have been written when a global language was… Hebrew. Such as before the flood.

Who built the mounds? The Nephilim aka Giants. The giants from before the flood built these mounds and geographic structures all over the earth. They built them to communicate with false gods.

These places are doorways for demons and demonic influence to connect with the earth realm. They were built by the Nephilim to further spit in Gods face and continue the same problem from Genesis. Rebellion against God.

We need to understand that history as we have been taught is wrong, or at least incomplete. There is so much we don’t know about our past, and being informed about that past helps use to interpret the future. It strengthens our faith as well. Knowing that there is physical realities tied with the spiritual reality of God changes the story and makes it so much more real, and realistic. It becomes easier to understand and makes much more sense.

Always remember to Pass the Salt.

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