We’re gonna win the abortion issue. The truth is on our side. Science is on our side.

The Left wants to deny science. Science is on the side of the truth.

Why is there so much division in the Church? Why aren’t we playing on the same team?

Even the pro-life groups are all doing their own thing. Some don’t mind the baby pictures. Others do. So we let our differences divide us.

Our divisions are keeping us from being effective in the culture.

Get out of the box with your beliefs. Really seek out other opinions to discern the spirits.

Casting out demons, speaking in tongues, total immersion baptism, etc.

Pick your topic. There are so many divisions in the Church.

“Did you receive your salvation by the Law?” says Galatians 3.

The Children of the Promise are the seed to the Gospel. If we believe in Christ we are promised eternal life with Him.

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