00:00 – The first few minutes Coach talks about 2 Corinthians 10 and that our weapons are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.

11:00 – Coach reads Psalm 37. Those that wait on the Lord shall inherit the Earth. The meek shall inherit the earth. What is meekness? Power under control. Meek doesn’t mean weak and it doesn’t mean sissy.

20:00 – Coach goes into discussing the web behind the network of lies and corruption. We watch a few videos of Dr. Lance Walnau discussing why the enemy is winning.

33:00 – The Clinton coup inside Washington being exposed. There is an underground network fighting back against the secret Clinton machine. We watch a video by Steve Pieczenik talking about a counter coup happening in the halls of our government right now.

42:00 – Steven Pieczenik on a pedophile ring within the Clinton machine. The FBI has a record concerning Hillary, Bill, and others concerning pedophilia, sex with minors, and other related issues. They took multiple trips, 20-30 trips separately and together.

45:00 – The Clinton’s have transferred 1.8 billion dollars to Qatar. The speculation is that they are going to flee this entire issue by going to Qatar. Further speculation that Obama has purchased property in the same region of Qatar.

48:00 – Coach speaks on the first time he got drunk. He speaks on the idea of total depravity and how evil has no end. It keeps going. Just like the Clinton machine and the sin exploding out of their system. Most of us still have a lot of that depravity inside us, but we put roadblocks in place. Total depravity is when you’ve reached the point your conscience is seared and none of it matters anymore.

52:00 – Pray for Trump to become a righteous man, not that he doesn’t get into office.