It’s not about life enhancement.  Jesus didn’t die simply to make your life better.  The devil doesn’t get the blame for all the problems in our lives.  We blame the devil for stuff that’s our fault.  You either gather or you scatter.  Most of the people you come into contact with have a different daddy.

Jesus said the Peter get behind me Satan.

We’re being mistaught in our churches.  Be careful of dead traditions.  We are the salt of earth.  We are the light of the world.  You can’t cower just because it’s not popular.  We are not being trained to be strong in the world.

How many pastors in Texas are rising up to teach their people how to end infanticide.

When we go before the Lord we are always praying about our own needs.  We’ve lost the understanding of why we are here.  We are here to fight for righteousness.

How many of you are taking the counsel of the ungodly.  You want to blame the devil but you’re listening to the world.

Psalm 1

Hillary Clinton needs to be blown away like chaff.  The ungodly will not be able to stand on judgment day.  Be careful about who you are bringing into your church.

Coach said he’d rather lead men to a Gettysburg tour than a Israel tour.  He quoted the Gettysburg address.  We need a lesson on those who laid down their lives.

The men who fought at Gettysburg didn’t think about the rapture.  They believed they were bringing the Kingdom of God to earth.  The men who died in American wars didn’t do so women could kill their babies and men could marry men.

Coach talked about visiting the grave of his father and grandfather.  He took his grandchildren with him.  There is a revolutionary war veteran marker right next to his father’s grave.  Coach observed that we are that close to 1776.

Psalm 78

We all get to die.  My blessed hope is to occupy until he comes.  Coach said he’s already dead.  Are you sold out for Christ today.  Are you hiding in the rapture?  If I believe in Jesus then my life is in His hands.  I don’t need to worry about dying.  I’m already dead.

I’m not afraid to die.  I’m just ambivalent about the circumstances of death.  How’s it going to happen?

My excitement comes through being victorious through the troubles.

You have been crucified with Christ nevertheless I live.  If you are in Christ you are already dead!

John 5:24

As Christians we are not to be escape artists.