Hear the Watchmen was an incredible event. There were so many people looking for the truth. They are tired of the modern Church. They are tired of the irrelevancy. They are searching for the truth, and they found a little bit of it this weekend.

We baptized over 100 people while there. They just kept on coming. Whole families came and were baptized together. It was a moving experience.

Even there, we weren’t unified. Everyone has a different theology. In 2nd Timothy Paul says, “Foolish and unlearned questions avoid” Whether we agree on everything or not isn’t important. It’s important whether the essentials of Christianity ARE talked about.

The essentials of Christianity are:

  1. The Deity of Christ
  2. Salvation by Grace
  3. The Resurrection of Christ
  4. The Gospel
  5. Monotheism

Those are the essentials. That’s the salt. Remember, keep on Passing that Salt.

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