Dr. Scott Lively:  A Lawyer Who Thinks Like a Christian | Coach Dave Live | 12-16-19

“The devil owns the top.” Said Coach.  “You can’t mention Jesus and manage power in our society.”  Churches don’t teach about how to apply Christianity in public anymore, especially in law and politics.

Dr. Scott Lively is the guest on today’s show.  He has started a YouTube channel.

Coach asked how we get the Church to wake up and do something about the culture that is disintegrating around them.  “We start with foundational truths and build unity from there.  Denominationalism has divided us over non-essentials.”

“It’s all backwards and upside down.”  Said Dr. Lively.

Dr. Lively said he doesn’t pay attention to what the leaders are doing.  He said He know what God is calling him to do.  He focuses on doing that thing.  Major on the essentials of the gospel.  We must have very generous tolerance on the non-essentials.  We are free from the expectations of men.  When we take hold of that we realize that we don’t have to conform to anybody else.

Coach asked Dr. Lively why we are ashamed to use the name of Jesus Christ.  “For one hundred years we’ve been following the Marxist paradigm for culture.” Answered Lively.  “This is a product of the French Revolution, which was Marxist.”

“Our game plan is to sing about Jesus.”  Said a man in the Huddle.  “These same Christians won’t take their faith to a City Council meeting.”

Lively pointed out that we’ve been outmaneuvered by the Marxists on the political front.  “They did it using the so-called ‘social gospel.’”  Said Lively.  Humanism is the religion of the Marxists.  We ghettoized ourselves and now we don’t know how to even be political.

Dr. Lively suggested the response to drag queen story hour is to affirm normalcy.  We have a rich heritage in culture, icons, history etc. to draw on.  We should affirm the Christian definition of family. Find ways to highlight normalcy.  We need to talk about the incredible blessing of male and female.

We must begin with our own children and grandchildren.  Confront the gender-bending in children’s cartoons.  “We need to restore the ancient idea of patriarchy.” Said Dr. Lively.

Dr. Lively was asked about “The Gospel Coalition” by a woman in the Huddle.  Lively said they are doing what people do when they are under siege.  They are gradually giving ground.  He urged viewers and listeners to present a better vision than they are promoting.

Someone in the Huddle commented saying that you have to start local and in the home.  Coach observed that you have to expect pushback.  Respond to the pushback by teaching the foundational truths of Christianity and the Bible.

Coach shared a webpage from Natural News.  It is linked below.

What are the essentials?  “The Nicene Creed from year 381 is what I use.” Said Dr. Lively.

“The shedding of innocent blood and extreme sexual sin are the two categories of sin that can bring total destruction on a land.” Commented Dr. Lively.  “The blood of the babies is an acid that eating away at the foundations of what used to be one of the most successful and stable nations in the world.”

Dr. Lively said, “After trial I would support the execution of abortionists.  They are committing mass murder.  Justice requires this punishment.”

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