The fight in America isn’t political. Look back over your shoulder since Ronald Reagan. Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama. That’s our politics. You need to understand the problem is from the beginning of time. It is the seed of the serpent against the seed of the woman. It is a moral problem. It is a religious problem. It is a lack of Jesus problem, that’s it.

Our public school system has nothing to do with teaching kids how to be individuals, productive, or anything else. The system itself creates nothing but kids who are wholly unprepared for God’s reality in every sense of the word. The public school creates kids who don’t know what gender they are. Our public school creates people who are unable to be productive citizens. Just look around! It is obvious!

Wake up, get your kids out of public schools, and realize this battle is between God and Satan and has been since the beginning of the human race. If you aren’t serving the Lord Jesus Christ, you are on the Devil’s team.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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