The foundation of independence and liberty is Jesus Christ. Why is this? Because Christianity does not force you to believe in it. You can live here but don’t HAVE to believe in Christianity. You don’t have to be a Christian to be an American. That doesn’t mean you do whatever you want. You adhere to the rules that are created, based on that Christian foundation. When you lose the foundation, everything becomes a free for all. When you lose the foundation of Christianity, freedom dies.

Emotions will betray you. Everything we watch in the media is all about emotions. We are being programmed into emotional thinking. There is very little rational thought in and about the greater media culture. They don’t explain how or why, they simply tell what, and expect you to be flooded with emotions. Men are being trained out of rational logical thinking, because it is easier to control someone with emotions, as soon as they start to think they see the holes in what they are taught.

Wake up, THINK, and take charge of your life and opinions.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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