God’s not impressed by numbers. Man is, but God isn’t. What if through spreading the Truth we get it to the one person who needs to hear it? There is so much more going on in this world than we know.

Your emotions betray you. Emotions are not worship. Feeling great is not worship of God. Living for God is worship of God. Having a life that represents Christ is worshipping God. Singing, dancing, and feeling happy and wonderful is not worship.

We live in a flesh driven world. Everywhere you look it is a bombardment of the flesh. More than that, the modern Church is a flesh driven Church. They FEEL it. Everything FEELs nice, it smells nice, it looks nice. That has nothing to do with the Gospel. God cares not for stuff and things. He cares for the Kingdom, His Kingdom, and he cares for those who are part of His Kingdom.

We go to the Church and tell God how much we love Him, then we go back into the world and live everything for the flesh. That’s not how this game is played. We are teaching our Children a compartmentalized Christianity, because that’s how we live.

Listen folks, there is such a thing as Sin, there is victory over it, because Christ died to destroy it, and a changed life is a sign of Christ living in someone.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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