Why is Sunday preaching? Why isn’t Sunday Bible Study? The way to get people to believe deeper is through asking questions. It requires you to think, and that is what we do here. We are asking questions about the culture, to make you think about what’s going on and what YOU believe.

The first amendment was created so that the government cannot influence the Church. It was not created so the Church wouldn’t influence government. The Church was expected to influence the government, because all of the people were Christians.

There is law that is not derived from the government. Human laws are created from people’s thinking. Natural or Organic law has no bearing on human thinking. It is law that is the same for all human’s. This is the law of nature and nature’s God.

Our conscience has been seared. We are being pushed to say, “Well, it’s not wrong for them…” When God has written His law on our hearts. All that’s up to you is say, “Ok, I’ll follow God’s law.”

Hey, remember to Pass the Salt.