The idea that Christians are to accept everyone is wrong. The modern church is preaching that regardless of what sin you have in your life, you are allowed in. Come on in and taint everyone else within the walls. Even Heaven has gates and walls. Heaven keeps people out, so is the Church different?

No, we are to discriminate between who is a believer and who isn’t. We do this by judging people’s behavior. If someone is a Christian, they will live as a Christian. It’s that simple. When they choose not to live as a Christian, they have not repented of their sins, and are not a Christian. At the end of the day, this evaluation is done between God and the Sinner, but how come half the new testament is Apostles laying down judgements towards the Church based on their behavior?

The Church is an exclusive group, not an inclusive group. We are all born into sin, it is those who are BORN AGAIN out of sin that makes up Christianity. If you are not that, you are not a Christian. Anything less is spitting in God’s face and cheapens Jesus’ sacrifice.

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