John Diamond’s “Appeal to Heaven” is a Christian civil rights movement. Our rights are God-given. We have every right to exercise our rights in school and everywhere else.The government has made the Light illegal except within the four walls of the Church. The darkness cannot stand in the Light, but the Church has become afraid of the dark.

The First Amendment to the US Constitution does not say you cannot pray. It is wrong to tell a person they cannot pray. But powerful elites have that backwards.

What are our rights? What does the First Amendment say? Does the Constitution grant people rights? Or does God grant rights?

“Inalienable” means you cannot surrender rights, and those rights cannot be taken from you.You can choose not to exercise your rights, but the government cannot take them from you. Just like your skin color. No one can take that from you, and you cannot surrender it.

Inalienable rights are not government-granted rights. Our Creator granted rights to us. Just like in the Bible, Paul spoke to the Roman government, asking them if they were going to beat a Roman citizen. He used his rights as a citizen, to stand up for himself.

Congress shall make no law regarding the establishing of a religion; nor can they take our weapons away. The judges have co-opted the liberty of the people. Our rights come from God.

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