We don’t really understand the full power of God. If we did, we would live very different lives. If we truly, deeply, understood how powerful God is, then wouldn’t we be bolder? Wouldn’t we change ourselves and those around us?

Faith is action. Faith IS action. Faith is evidence, it is substance. Faith is as real as gravity. Faith is as real as water. Realize that Faith is the bedrock that a Christian worldview stems from. Faith in Jesus Christ.

2018 is a year to do something for the Kingdom of God. Can’t you feel it? We are going to DO something. Our faith is going to truly come alive this year. We are going to see a separating of the sheep from the goats that hasn’t happened in our lifetime. This doesn’t mean it will be the end times, it does mean to deepen your Faith in Christ. Which means to ACT and DO the work of the Kingdom of God.

To ACT and DO the work, you need the Armor of God to protect you. The Helmet of Salvation to prevent concussions. The Breastplate of Righteousness to act rightly. The Belt of Truth to discern appropriately. Feet shod with the Gospel of Peace to work with others. The Shield of Faith to quench the fires of the Devil. The Sword of the Spirit to slay the demons all around us.

Put on the armor and defend the Kingdom from attack.

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