Coach is after the “found” not the “lost.” He wants to motivate real Christians. We need to build a downline.

Regarding politics, we need to not put all our eggs in the “Republican” basket. Do our lives really change depending on who is President? Personally, our lives don’t change because of a political wave.

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children. What are we leaving, as a culture? Life’s about those children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We need to be teaching people how to be Christian and rear their children in the Lord. They should be ready to marry at 18. Marriage is a hedge of protection for young men. The world will entice, but God’s ways are always better ways. We need to rear our children outside government schools. They will be mature in the Lord, and not tainted by the world.

The psychology industry is engineered by the colleges. They have come in and created an army to raise your kids. But times are changing. Half of colleges are expected to close in the next ten years. There is no money to be made in the psychology industry, unless you’re above a master’s degree. Handing out psych diagnoses to kids all day is what’s happening.

Where is the church in all this? They are not. We have let people with “crap” psychology degrees, take over the human services in America.You can’t teach what you haven’t done. We’re down here in Florida to help. Come on down.

The abundant life is doing. It’s serving. That’s where the abundant life is. It’s not just sitting in the church pew. Some of the guys have gone to Florida multiple times, because there’s something that happens as you live out your faith on the streets.