The average Christian man couldn’t do what Trump is doing because they, “Love too much”. Trump doesn’t really care about appearing, “Christian”. He cares about winning. The things Trump does may not look good in the end, but it sure looks good now. It looks a lot better than Hillary would have.

Getting on the field is what builds the bond. Christians are sitting in the stands not understanding why the people playing the game care about each other. They are so out of touch with reality and doing anything they can’t fathom what real Christianity looks like.

Churches are a pen for goats. Our pastors aren’t making sheep and followers of God. They are making goats who don’t believe the same thing they do. They are not discipling anyone, look at the fruit. They don’t get out on the field and fight: Abortion, Homos, Transgenders, etc. They don’t create any bonds with each other, or with God.

If everyone who watched this show donated $20.00 per month. Listen up, we are building a team that’s getting on the field, and there’s people out there who are just sucking up the goods without putting anything back. We send people to where the Devil is, help Pass the Salt do that!

Get in the game. Pass the Salt.

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