Scripture says to commit to faithful men.

If you can join Jim Craft in Panama City, Florida, he’s going back down for 2 weeks. Please contact if you would like to go help with the disaster relief effort, Oct. 27-28, Nov. 3-4, or Nov. 9-10 please let us know. Jim will put you to work. Jim is a faithful man.

Pray for Rob Pue and Ray Leblanc at Wisconsin Christian News in Wisconsin. Their team worked hard to distribute 2000 evangelistic packets door to door at homes in Marshfield, WI last weekend. Christians were on the streets at an abortion clinic over the weekend; telling the truth about abortion. While holding graphic signs we held over the weekend, in Wisconsin, undercover cops were trying to shut us down. People within the Body of Christ don’t like the pictures of mangled unborn babies. They just want to play praise music and ignore the horror of abortion. Rob and Ray are faithful men.

November 3rd Huddle in Pennsylvania. Please go, if you can. Visit for more information.

Plug in where you can. Everybody can’t go to every event, but do what God tells you to do.

If you’re looking for lost people, you’re not going to find them in the church. You have to go out to the highways and bi-ways. We need to be on the streets.

Video of encounter at the abortion mill, talking one on one to a woman with a sign asking If Abortion is a Crime. She was unable to answer when asked if the life in the womb is a living human being. God has written His truth on our hearts. We all have consciences.

The Milwaukee abortion mill didn’t open Saturday, their largest day of killing, because they knew 150 people were coming.

Someone in Kentucky, heard the live feed of encounters on the streets about abortion, and decided not to abort her baby.

Whether you can street preach or not, go out to the streets with others. Stay in the game. Go and do something! Anything for God, that you can do. Do it. God will show you what to say and do.

Be a faithful man.

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