You will serve the god that you see. If you see just Jesus the “Healer”, that’s who you serve. Jesus was much more than that. So, when you preach this whole “love” gospel, you are secretly ashamed of the true gospel. It’s the easy road apologizing and appeasing people. The hard road is telling them the truth and being unashamed of Jesus Christ.

We have made works dirty. We have made works prideful. This has destroyed God’s team. Not only that, it has reversed what a Christian is. A Christian is someone who DOES works. When you are a Christian, you cannot help but partake in works and DOING something for Christ.

You know a group of people who didn’t have to get drafted in Vietnam? That’s right, public school teachers. They are communist Democrats who preach, “Tolerance” and “Sodomy is good”. These weak draft dodgers are the ones teaching your kids. These are the people TEACHING YOUR KIDS!!! The public school is a cesspool of evil and debaucherous teaching at odds with God, and people don’t get it. WAKE UP!

Unplug from the media. Turn off the mainstream media. They are all brainwashing you and pulling you in the direction of the swamp. Turn it off, unplug, and follow Christ.

Hey, always Pass the Salt.

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