Look around, America.  Think back to the days of Father Knows Best and ask yourself what has happened to 1950’s America?  Could it be that while we were fighting a cartoon-character opponent, the devil and his minions were actively at work fighting to pull off the greatest coup in the history of the world?  Could it be that his greatest strength was convincing us that he was not really very strong?

Occupy is an action verb.  It connotes the idea that someone else is intent on taking over.  Help me out here. If the battle has been won, why did He command us to hold the ground?  Could it be that the “adversary” is not yet under His feet?  Could it be that “God’s team” was placed here to actively oppose the evil one?

Why is Joel Osteen so positive about our personal lives and prosperity, but he won’t speak out against evil with a winning attitude?!

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