The Republicans hate Trump. He’s not part of the government class, so they have to destroy his agenda. In four years’ time, if Trump doesn’t take even more seats in the mid-term election for his party, he won’t make it. They will destroy him. He needs to raise up his own candidates to run in the 2018 election and keep pushing.

There is a scourge of fatherlessness in our country. Fatherhood is gone. The modern culture tells us fathers are the last thing a family needs. They need qualified teachers. They need psychologists. They need counselors. They need coaches. They absolutely need their mother. They don’t really need a father.

Do you know how many times the Bible mentions motherlessness? Zero.

There is a war on in the west against men and fatherhood. Our children are fatherless, and we are paying the price for it. Grandfathers get up and get involved. Wake up and do what you can to save your grandchildren.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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