God isn’t here for us. God is here for Him. It is for His name’s sake that He acts and we obey. We see in the culture now the battle is so much deeper than just disliking Donald Trump. The left is apoplectic about everything he does. Why?

This is a spiritual battle and God is fighting. He isn’t doing it for little old us. He is doing it for His name’s sake. His word is above all things. Christianity today thinks that God exists for our pleasure. No, we exist for His pleasure. Die to thyself.

Donald Trump is God’s man in the Whitehouse. We don’t know if for good or for ill, but he is it. His election was a miracle. His election went against all odds. Now, we see what it is God has in store for our nation and our world.

Stop sitting on the sidelines and get in the game. Pass the Salt.

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