Friendship Evangelism | Coach Dave Live | 1-3-2020

The Huddle started this morning discussing the technique of “friendship evangelism.”  Coach asked if Christians do it.  “I don’t think they do.” He said.  “They don’t even bring people to church to have the pastor do it.”

Coach told a story about a flaming lesbian nurse he met in the hospital yesterday.  He confessed a feeling of guilt for not expressing compassion toward her.  She made it obvious that she was both a lesbian and that Coach’s reputation preceded him.  While he felt compassion, he didn’t express it.  He now knows that he should have said something.

“Don’t always lead with the gospel.” Said Coach.  “Lead with something else … like an expression of compassion.”

A Huddler brought up the subject of intimacy.  “There’s tremendous intimacy in a football team’s locker room.”  Coach observed.  “But there’s no intimacy in many of your families.”

We think … wrongly … that evangelism is about getting someone to go to church with us.  “We have to learn how to live the gospel.” Said Coach.  “We need to have a ‘go ye’ mentality instead of a ‘come ye’ one.”

George Soros gave seventy million dollars to abortion worldwide.  “Christians give their money to churches.” Said Coach.  “Leftists give their money to causes.”  Why can’t we turn Christian dollars loose to end abortion?  It’s all being consumed by smoke machines and pavement.

Robert Klous shared from the devotional he wrote, “Finders Keepers.”

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