The definition of courage according to Eddie Rickenbacker, “Doing that which you fear”. That’s what we do at Pass the Salt Ministries. We help you face your fears and strengthen your courage. We are going to the biggest “gay” pride parade in America on June 16th and 17th. Join us, face your fears, and share the FULL gospel where it is most needed.

“Share the gospel.” What does that mean? What is the gospel? Telling someone to, “Share the gospel” is like telling them to, “Go eat some food.” What kind of food? We have salad, chicken, beef, and fish. Which type of food? We don’t know what the gospel is. Here’s what it is, the Gospel of the Kingdom. There’s a new King in town, His name is Jesus Christ. It’s a new Kingdom, new rules, new standards. The standards set forth by Christ.

The Bible doesn’t tell us to go get people, “Saved”. The Bible says to make disciples. We make disciples. We mentor people to be like us, as we are striving to be like Christ.

Keep on Passing the Salt.

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