The Clinton administration is a deep dark cabal. They put their tentacles everywhere in government. They are embedded in every area of politics in Washington DC. Those running the foundation were smart enough to broaden the net, and dirty everyone’s fingers. The reason Republicans fight Donald Trump is that they don’t want the swamp exposed either, because they would be found out as well. DC is a swamp, and the Clinton Foundation is the algae running the show.

Shootings, Russia, pick your target, it is all pre-conditioning for upcoming evil. They pre-conditioned us against Russia, because guess what? Hillary is going to be found out concerning Russia, but nobody will want to hear it anymore.

Every person has a ministry. Each one of you is a minister for Christ. It isn’t only for people in leadership! IT IS FOR EVERYONE TO PREACH TO GOSPEL. REPROVE, REBUKE, EXHORT TO GOOD WORKS. That was what Christians do.

There is no Justice if Hillary Clinton does not go to jail. Hillary Clinton has committed heinous crimes in office, and the fact she was IN office means she MUST be held to an even HIGHER standard. Yet she is getting away with everything… If Hillary Clinton does not go to prison, there is no justice in America.

Hey, Pass the Salt!

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