Today we have on Mark Taylor, the prophet who prophesied Trump’s win back in 2011, to discuss the situation in America.

America is not under God’s judgment per-se. If that were true, why wouldn’t Hillary have been elected? God is aligning America for something, and there is going to be revival. Think about it, the remnant is waking up all over the place, and the people are seeking for the truth.

As Christians we almost want it to fail. We are cheering for the other side to kill us! COME ON PEOPLE! Escapism is spiritual treason. God has commanded us to occupy until He returns. That doesn’t mean we cheer for the end, we occupy and play the game as hard as we can until the buzzer sounds!

Christians must start screwing their heads on straight and fighting back. “Winning in the end” isn’t what it’s about. It’s about winning now, by living righteously and following after Christ every day, sharing the good news to those around us, with words AND by our ACTIONS.

Come on people, get off the bench and get into the game. The buzzer hasn’t sounded yet, the game isn’t over.

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