Some look at the government of the US and have no hope, no matter who is in the White House. Others have hope, depending on who is in the White House.
But the reality is: God is expanding His Kingdom, sometimes in spite of us. Since the beginning of Christianity, cultures are becoming more Christian! Even if we do not see it on our screen news feeds.
Isaiah 9:7 says there will be an increase of His government and His peace. There shall be no end to this increase. God’s glory is increasing, not decreasing. We can be brainwashed by what we see on our own news sources, but the world is a lot bigger than America, and God is doing a worldwide work.
Seven Great Lies we are dealing with, in the Church.
1. American Church has an over emphasis on material things.
2. Exaggerated view of grace
3. Antinomianism
4. Deification of man
5. Challenging the authority of the Word
6. Rejecting hell
7. Universal reconciliation
God’s Kingdom is being expanded. What happened to cause Kanye West to open his eyes and ears to hear the Gospel? God is always at work in ways we don’t even understand or approve of.
Pass the Salt!
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