It doesn’t take a majority. It only takes an irate minority, setting brush fires in the minds of men, said Sam Adams during America’s Revolution.
When God chose Moses, Joshua, Gideon and most all biblical heroes, He didn’t choose the majority to win the day. He deliberately chose the minority, so His glory would shine!
God is sovereign. We can win. We will win. We have already won, when we’re on God’s side.
The world has no common law in which to live by. Their rules change by the day. But the Christians have God’s unchanging Word, on which we are to meditate day and night. We cannot lose when we stay close to God and far from the soulish ever-changing emotionalism the world touts as its truth for today.
God’s Truth stands the tests of time. Let us drink from our hands, always being vigilant to discern what the enemy is promoting. God will lead us. He will never forsake us. God always wins.
Pass the Salt!
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