Today we have on Pastor Charles Jennings from He has been teaching concerning the history for many years and has enlightened our generation to the lie that has been spread over the world. That lie is about the question, “Who are God’s chosen?”.

Modern Israelites are not the same as what was talked about in the Bible. Modern day Jews are Khazar Jews, which means converted. They are not of a bloodline relation to the Israelites from the Bible. More than that, Zionism is the modern religion of the State of Israel. This is a political/Humanist hegemony.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ was not spread by easterners. It was spread throughout the world by the Gentiles. That means Europeans. Paul the Apostle went to England in the 60’s AD and brought the Gospel to England. From there it went to America, and to the ends of the earth.

Caucasian gentiles have been the driving force for Jesus Christ throughout history. Understand this, the lie that modern day Israel is anything related to Jesus Christ, Christianity, or God’s people is a complete lie. They have an agenda to destroy righteousness, for they work for their father the Devil.

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