Coach is seeking a lawyer to sue the National Football League for not putting a warning in the Super Bowl before the halftime. The halftime was pornographic. The Huddle reviewed the FCC standards that are published on their website. See below.

The Huddle studied Psalm 18.

“You’re saying stuff about the NFL that the people have been wanting people to say for years.” Said a man in the Huddle. Coach asked, “What are the critical issues in the Church.” The Huddle answered: No firm preaching, collection plate, silence, not equipping, no armor, false converts, social gospel, no supernatural, tolerance.

“What are some issues the Church should be shining some light on?” Coach asked. The Huddle answered: abortion, pornography, corruption, need for study, prosperity, greed, power, discipleship.

“What are the top three issues confronting the American Church?” Coach asked. The Huddle answered: Personal responsibility, fire and brimstone is gone. Coach asked if the Church should be addressing the LGBT and abortion agendas and Islam. How many of the top five issues the Church should be addressing are being addressed inside the Church?

“Everything that is confronting the Church right now is about truth.” Said Coach. “We have got to begin to speak the truth.” God is angry with the wicked every day. “When was the last time you heard that preached?” Asked Coach.

The pastors need to walk out what they preach throughout the week. Many pastors have expanded beyond their means. That’s why he must tickle people’s ears to keep the bill’s paid.

Pornography is the American scourge. We’d be shocked if we knew how many men are trapped in this addiction. The NFL dumped the virus into the minds of children with their halftime.

We want God to conform to us when we are supposed to conform our lives to His gospel … to the truth. Friendship evangelism is a lie. Truth has fallen in the streets. Porn led to murder in the case of King David.

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