How do we know what we know? Most of the information we consume comes from sources outside our own lives. We watch the news to see what is happening in the world, we read articles online to answer questions we may have. We are realizing increasingly that most of the things we are told are lies.

The Bible mainly answers the question, “Why?”. It answers the faith questions in life and uses history as a piece of that puzzle. Most Christians don’t read the Bible, and therefore can’t even answer the why question. Beyond that, we don’t have any historical understanding of things that happened 2000 or 6000 years ago.

The book of Enoch is one such example of Christian history that is not spoken about. Why is that? At the time of Jesus the book was widely read, even though it is classified as apocryphal, and understood to be an accurate text.

The book of Enoch itself discusses the Nephilim, giants, and how human DNA was tainted. This is seen today as ridiculous. How come back then it wasn’t seen as ridiculous? They read it and it made sense. Yes, giants were real. Yes, God and angels were real. Yes, the spiritual realm had a direct effect on humanity and it’s course through history. Yet, we don’t believe these things now?

The modern church is doing a great disservice by not teaching Christians the full truth and exploring what else could be. As Christians we need to question what happened in the past and will that happen again in the future? It is becoming very clear that Satan wants to keep everyone as ignorant as possible, therefore we as Christians should strive to shed light on ignorance and move forward with real knowledge.

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